COREL SM14 SIRENE wooden ship

COREL SM14 SIRENE wooden ship

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COREL SM14 SIRENE KIT wooden ship to be constructed 


French frigate by 30 cannons, passed to the story thanks to its designer, the famous naval architect Fredrik Chapman. In his work "Architectura Navalis Mercatoria", published in Stockholm in 1768, in addition to the graphic plan, all the calculations relating to the ship are described in detail, both in terms of construction technique and hydrodynamic resistances. Thanks to the "cut", the pre-processing of components and the choice of wood, our model, based on Chapman's plan, also allows the less experienced to obtain a faithful reconstruction of the beautiful ship

Gorgeous 1:75 scale reproduction of the Sirens. The mounting box includes the construction plans and the complete range of accessories.

Mounting kit to be assembled and painted, the colors are not included in the package.

The stand shown in the picture is included in the box.


1:75 H. 720 mm L. 845 mm

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